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Representing Technology, Life Sciences and FinTech Players

Gary Paranzino advises and represents clients in the field of innovation -- all aspects of Information Technology, Life Sciences and FinTech.

For over 20 years, Paranzino Law has offered the breadth of a law firm in the form of one lawyer -- where clients always get to work with the Senior Partner.

As leader of Legal Departments of high-profile start-ups, Paranzino realized that many players in crucial transactions (sometimes involving their equity ownership rights) are not represented by independent legal counsel.

Innovators -- founders, executives, individual investors, employees, contractors and numerous others -- have huge economic and strategic interests that surely are equally deserving of optimization and protection as are those of venture capital and private equity investors.

When he launched Paranzino Law, Gary Paranzino identified two requirements to successfully represent this class of innovators and build a law firm:

ABILITY -- to be the equal of big law firm adversaries

INDEPENDENCE -- to rely on referrals from satisfied clients, not from lawyers typically representing adversaries


Read more about how the playing field is leveled, and see a sample of the wide range of matters previously handled by Paranzino Law.


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